I want to make shoes!

I think it’s such a bummer that I haven’t gotten a reply on the e-mail I sent to the school where I’m applying for an internship. My teacher said the next step is to give them a call, but I have such fear for telephones (funny, since I’m never without my beloved iphone).  My teacher is awesome, and so supportive, she’s a seamstress so she doesn’t really get my fascination for shoes, but she still supports me and wants me to get the internship!

I’ve been looking for schools in footwear design lately, abroad off course, as there are no such thing here. The options I’ve found are London College of Fashion and FIT in New York. I love  creating and designing clothes, but now I’m getting restless, and I want to make shoes!! Just one more year, then I’ll have my bachelor degree and can start applying for other schools. If I want to put myself in that much debt that is, tuition is crazy abroad..

Well well, too soon to start worrying I guess, back to the sewing machine I go!

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Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo is still considered an”it” brand in the world of shoes, but many does not know the history that lies behind this  name. Salvatore was an Italian man, who from ca 1920 contributed to both Italian and world fashion.  In the 1950 the world started paying attention to the Italian shoe, as the quality was superb and the materials exclusive! Footwear magazines started writing about the art of the Italian footwear, and the Italian economy grew tremendously as a result.  

Salvatore Ferragamo was born in a small town in Italy, but when he was sixteen he immigrated to America. This was a smart move, as the American footwear industry was the most advanced at that time, and he quickly found a job at a shoe factory. He was impressed by the efficiency of the mass production, but NOT the final product. So, after a while he decided to go to Hollywood, and find a market for fine handmade Italian shoes. After he became a huge hit in Hollywood in the 1920s he decided it was time to go back to Italy, as he could not find experienced workers to make his shoes in America.  Here he joined the American efficiency with the Italian craftsmanship, and make shoe history!

After this he discovered new ways to strengthen the shoe, started making bigger variety of color, and started making shoes inspired by trends in architecture, visual arts and design!

Shoes are still the core of the brand Salvatore Ferragamo, here's a piece from the SS'10 collection

Salvatore Ferragamo was the man who invented the shoe as we know it today, did you know this?

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Atalanta Weller

Have you seen some outrageous shoes in Vouge or I-D lately? Well, it’s most likely the works of Atalanta Weller, an up and coming shoe designer from Gloucestershire, England. She’s got a BA in shoe design from Cordwainers College, and before that she studied sculpture ;

“Shoes are like small sculptural buildings in their own right. I love womenswear, but have never considered doing it myself,”

I have the same opinion, I think a pair of shoes can be like small pieces of art for the foot. And, like her, I love the technical aspect of working with shoes. Before she started her own line she has worked with a few mainstream companies as well as the brilliant Gareth Pugh!

Her favourite shoe designers are Salvatore Ferregamo and Pierre Hardy, and she’s one of those people who can’t stop looking at other peoples shoes when they meet. I’m like that aswell, I kinda have a problem as I tend to judge people according to their shoes, so rude of me! I don’t think she’s so judgmental though, I’ve read a couple of interviews with her and she seem to be such an interesting person, and what she does looks like so much fun. Lucky girl!

yeah, it's actually a pair of shoes!




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Trend: Intimates

What do you think of the new underwear trend? I’ve seen this coming for some years now, but it has finally gotten som real attention, I love it! I just wish I was 5 kg thinner so I could pull it off, I guess I need to start hitting the gym some more. Spring is coming up, a this is gonna be a big hit!

All pics from http://lookbook.nu

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Another obsession of mine

My Marc Jacobs "Cammie"

Other than having shoe mania, I find myself strangely drawn towards anything quilted by Marc Jacobs. The first piece I bought was a Stam bag in the color “topaz”.

I still love it, but it’s kinda a summer-bag, so it hasn’t really been used that much this winter. But I tell you, in the summer sun, the color is so amazing!

Other than that I have a quilted Cammie, a Baby stam and another Stam bag! I love them all.

If I were to get myself a new Marc Jacobs I’m not quite sure wich model I’d get! I’ve always been a sucker for the color cherry tart. Or what about a Robert Leslie? What would you go for?

MJ Robert Leslie

MJ Stam in cherry tart

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SS 2010

Today has been all about collecting inspo for my new school assignment, exciting! The theme is buildings in my city, I’ve already chosen the one I want to use in my work. It’s a really cool and modern building with lot of different colored windows, I think it’s gonna be so much fun!

Other than that I’ve sent an e-mail to the school I’m hoping to get to visit next year in my internship period, fingers crossed.

I was a bit disappointed with this years SS collections, at least the shoes.  But there is a few pairs I just need, like the Chloé sandals, my absolute favourite!! What’s yours?

Here’s my picks from style.com!

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Faux fur jacket

A faux fur jacket or cape in good quality and in a classical color will never go out of style. And at this very moment it’s a huge hit among fashionistas everywhere, especially here in the cold north. One of my favorite trends this season is the mixing og different materials, and a faux fur is perfect for this look.

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