I’m so lazy!

Viktor & Rolf pre-fall 2010, via style.com

Always, when ever I start on a new project for school I use forever before I actually begin to do anything.

I’ve picked my topic, I’ve chosen what I want to create, I’ve made a hundred sketches, I’ve bought the fabric.. So, why hasn’t there been any sewing done yet? I’m so lazy.

I know we have 5 more weeks to complete the garments, but I shouldn’t really waste my time like this! I think this is gonna be a fun project, we’re not only making the clothes and the presentation, but we’re supposed to create our own “brand”.

I really know what I want to call my brand og this collection.. It’s a collection on pants in mixed materials inspired by Viktor&Rolf and Acnes SS 2010 jeans. The fabrics are grey jeans mixed with patent/plastic-ish orange and green, mixed with suede. It sound’s crazy right? But it’s gonna be awesome!

I’ve decided to start sewing next week, if I dare I guess I can post some pictures, all tough that’s kind of scary!

Have a great friday night!

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One Response to I’m so lazy!

  1. x. says:

    No, not crazy at all. Sounds very interesting and I’m looking forward to it. Go go go! Start sewing and post pics!

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