I want to make shoes!

I think it’s such a bummer that I haven’t gotten a reply on the e-mail I sent to the school where I’m applying for an internship. My teacher said the next step is to give them a call, but I have such fear for telephones (funny, since I’m never without my beloved iphone).  My teacher is awesome, and so supportive, she’s a seamstress so she doesn’t really get my fascination for shoes, but she still supports me and wants me to get the internship!

I’ve been looking for schools in footwear design lately, abroad off course, as there are no such thing here. The options I’ve found are London College of Fashion and FIT in New York. I love  creating and designing clothes, but now I’m getting restless, and I want to make shoes!! Just one more year, then I’ll have my bachelor degree and can start applying for other schools. If I want to put myself in that much debt that is, tuition is crazy abroad..

Well well, too soon to start worrying I guess, back to the sewing machine I go!

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