Atalanta Weller

Have you seen some outrageous shoes in Vouge or I-D lately? Well, it’s most likely the works of Atalanta Weller, an up and coming shoe designer from Gloucestershire, England. She’s got a BA in shoe design from Cordwainers College, and before that she studied sculpture ;

โ€œShoes are like small sculptural buildings in their own right. I love womenswear, but have never considered doing it myself,โ€

I have the same opinion, I think a pair of shoes can be like small pieces of art for the foot. And, like her, I love the technical aspect of working with shoes. Before she started her own line she has worked with a few mainstream companies as well as the brilliant Gareth Pugh!

Her favourite shoe designers are Salvatore Ferregamo and Pierre Hardy, and she’s one of those people who can’t stop looking at other peoples shoes when they meet. I’m like that aswell, I kinda have a problem as I tend to judge people according to their shoes, so rude of me! I don’t think she’s so judgmental though, I’ve read a couple of interviews with her and she seem to be such an interesting person, and what she does looks like so much fun. Lucky girl!

yeah, it's actually a pair of shoes!


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2 Responses to Atalanta Weller

  1. whitley says:

    those shoes are nuts! nice blog , audrey hepburn is the best.. breakfast at tiffany’s is my favorite movie of all time ๐Ÿ™‚

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