Another obsession of mine

My Marc Jacobs "Cammie"

Other than having shoe mania, I find myself strangely drawn towards anything quilted by Marc Jacobs. The first piece I bought was a Stam bag in the color “topaz”.

I still love it, but it’s kinda a summer-bag, so it hasn’t really been used that much this winter. But I tell you, in the summer sun, the color is so amazing!

Other than that I have a quilted Cammie, a Baby stam and another Stam bag! I love them all.

If I were to get myself a new Marc Jacobs I’m not quite sure wich model I’d get! I’ve always been a sucker for the color cherry tart. Or what about a Robert Leslie? What would you go for?

MJ Robert Leslie

MJ Stam in cherry tart

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