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Final exam

So, I’m busy working on my final exam for this year, and I’m totally stressing out. Our appartment is a huge mess, we’ve had water leakage from the ceiling and it’s pure chaos.

Anyways, I’m working on a really exciting project. I want to create something beautiful from something grotesque. I’ve found all these discusting pictures online, and I’ve made them into beautifull patterns! I’m gonna get spoonflower to print them on jersey fabric for me and make some crazy dresses. Can’t wait!

My teacher has allowed me to go crazy with the shoe designs for the collection, so I’m really excited 🙂 There’s going to be crazy dresses, crazy shoes and crazy patterns 😀

Back to work!

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Stressed out!

I’ve just totally forgotten this blog even exists!

These days I’m so busy working om my exams, I’m submitting my project in one month, We’re supposed to design an entire collection, sew up two of the looks and do lots and lots og reasearch. I’m gonna tell you all about it, but first I’m gonna give this pathetic blog a new look!

One new header coming up!

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I think it’s so interesting to see where different people find inspiration, for both clothes and projects. The people in my class are so different in every way, and it’s so much fun to see what inspires them. Some get inspired by fashion magazines, some by music and some by artists. I find it on the runway (, the streets of my city, blogs, forums ect. I especially find it in the form of shoes!

Great inspo:

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I’m so lazy!

Viktor & Rolf pre-fall 2010, via

Always, when ever I start on a new project for school I use forever before I actually begin to do anything.

I’ve picked my topic, I’ve chosen what I want to create, I’ve made a hundred sketches, I’ve bought the fabric.. So, why hasn’t there been any sewing done yet? I’m so lazy.

I know we have 5 more weeks to complete the garments, but I shouldn’t really waste my time like this! I think this is gonna be a fun project, we’re not only making the clothes and the presentation, but we’re supposed to create our own “brand”.

I really know what I want to call my brand og this collection.. It’s a collection on pants in mixed materials inspired by Viktor&Rolf and Acnes SS 2010 jeans. The fabrics are grey jeans mixed with patent/plastic-ish orange and green, mixed with suede. It sound’s crazy right? But it’s gonna be awesome!

I’ve decided to start sewing next week, if I dare I guess I can post some pictures, all tough that’s kind of scary!

Have a great friday night!

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Bags of SS 2010

I’ve already posted my shoe-picks of SS 2010, so here’s my pick for the new handbags. I have to say, I was kinda disappointed with these as well! And, I LOVE the Givenchy pattern. I just love it, I think I’m obsessed with this seasons Givenchy collection.

pictures frm

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I’m stuck at school all day, no time for updates! I guess it’s ok since no one really reads this blog yet anyways. Back to work!

Nicholas Kirkwood

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